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Our Transitional (Forecast) Report Selections



It's a look into the future, day by day, with all midpoints and highlights discussed on those important days. For those that enjoy the daily horoscope format, with a more personal flavor and a more indepth review, these charts fill the bill. Below are our various report lengths and costs. These forecasts do not leave any guesswork, important events are reviewed. It's a guide, an information source like no other. It's prepared for you and only you! This style of transition report is our "most popular" type report. It deals with the all aspects of the coming days.

Order Your 30 Day Report $5.97

Order Your 60 Day Report - $7.97

Order 90 Day Report - $8.97


It's a look into the future, more generally but not any less informative. This one concentrates on the midpoints and highpoints overall. It gives daily forecasts for those days that are of great importance. But will deal with midpoints in a more in depth approach. It discusses the events that can be critical during the forecast timeline. Perfect for those that like to read the report through and take away a message for the time ahead. It's prepared for you and only you!

Order Your ONE MONTH Report - $6.97

Order Your THREE MONTH Report - $8.97

One Year Transition Forecast

Our best transition report, it contains a full years review , with midpoints, highlights all discussed and explained in great detail. Gina Ronco helps pen this report, as it looks at all the aspects that relate to your future. This is the very best we have to offer! Wonderfully entertaining and informative!! You won't be disappointed with this well written , detailed report. It's delivered as an Acrobat reader file (WE CAN SUPPLY OTHER FILE FORMATS) AND IS OVER 170 PAGES in length and will help guide you in the coming days, weeks. months ahead. Delivery in file format of your choice. The interpretations are clearly written, with sensitivity.

Now includes a "Time Line Profile" Graph and Graph explanation report.
Order Your One Year Deluxe Transition Report "OUR SPECIAL OF THE MONTH!!

The Monthly Fitness & Lifestyle Report(Lunar Returns)

This new Monthly Fitness and Lifestyle Guide to help you face the biggest challenge to your health and diet, which is your emotional state. When your emotions are out of control, your body follows your lead. Second in command is Mercury, taking the lead from the emotions and reacting on the body in very profound ways.

This report is a monthly look at dietary and exercise potential based on the sign on the Ascendant, with a secondary look at the Moon, house, aspects and all other planets. It is a "LONG TERM" procedure for people interested in taking charge and control of their lives, and understanding the underlying cause of diet and exercise breakdowns. By understanding the monthly influences imposed upon them, they can work with them and avoid the pitfalls placed in their path. This report also includes the interpretation of signs on the Ascendant, planets in the house, signs and aspects, Midheaven (as others see us and contribute to our dietary effort).

This Report is not intended to be used for "quick" dietary loss or health maintenance. It is not meant to be an "overload" of information so that the reader is confused by what can be overwhelming information. DISCLAIMER: **No diet or exercise regime should be started without the advice of a doctor or physician.

Order Your Monthly Fitness & Lifestyle Report

Two Month Forecast - $9.97

Six Month Forecast - $15.97

One Year Forecast - $21.97

Your One Year Solar Return Report

Not to be confused with our "natal transit forecast reports" which are much more lengthy. These are more summarized reports, are done for the entire year, and deal with the forecasting as follows.

The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun's return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also uses your current location Solar Return; so bth your location of birth as well as your current address are consdered.

This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year; opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year's prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

Order Your Solar Returns Report.

Just - $21.97!

New!! Your Time Line Profile Report

Our new Time Line Profile is one report many have requested. One can look at it as a quick reference report to evaluate the day's potential in regards to certain traits. We are currently offering the two month report in Acrobat Reader format only, but if if it meets with client satisfaction we will offer varying lengths of reports. Your feedback then is appreciated.

The Time Line Profile is so easy to read that it hardly requires any instructions: The names of the months appear along the top and bottom, and there are 14 characteristics that are listed on the left side, such as "Athletic Performance", "Accident Proneness", etc.

Let's use "Athletic Performance" as an example. On some days there is no red color; it is just white. This means that there is nothing notable about athletic performance. It does not mean that you will perform badly, just that you are not likely to perform better than usual. On days when the pale pink color appears, athletic performance is a little better than usual. On days when the deep red color appears, athletic performance is highlighted; on these days you are likely to engage in physically challenging activities, and perform better than usual. Your athletic performance is likely to be excellent on days when the red color is very deep. The deeper the red, the better the performance.

In fact, great athletes often sense when they need to slow down or use a different strategy, and this ability to work with their strengths is one key to their success. So don't give up because a day does not look favorable, or think that you don't have to try because a day does look favorable! On the other hand, given a choice for an athletic competition, pick a day that is favorable and also, of course, do your best as well! I have used athletic performance as an example, but this principle applies to the other characteristics given in your Profile Time Line Report as well. The time line report begins from the first day of each month, when ordering you will be givne the choice of which month to begin the time line report from. We think it's one of our best.

Your time line report covers the following topics:

  • Athletic Performance
  • Business Success
  • Drive, ambition, work
  • Good Luck, Optimism
  • Mental Acuity
  • Imagination, confusion
  • Visionary, Inspired
  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Romance and Sexuality
  • Physically sensitive
  • Friendship, Family
  • Solitude, withdrawal
  • Accident Proneness

Order Your Time Line Report- $8.97

Relationship Transition Reports

Look into the future of your romantic relationships! Will that new boyfriend, girlfriend be the one? Will my lover be undergoing any major shifts in his or her thinking in the next few months? These are the aspects these "Future Compatibility Reports" attempt to address.

Take a peek into the next 45 days of your current romantic relationship. Let astrology reveal what's in store according to your own and your companion's personal birth data.

Order Your 45 Day Compatibility Forecast Report - With or Without Birth Time - $8.97

Order Your 3 Month Compatibility Report - $11.97

The One Year Compatibility Report

Our best Future Compatibility report and it offers the longer term evolution of any specific relations you may have. The order form allows you to select the type of relationship. Explore the next 12 months of your new or old relationships.

Gina Ronco delivers a report that will reveal the outlook in terms of the future and try to reveal the events or shifts that may bear some affect on these relationships. The interpretations are clearly written, with sensitivity.

Order Your One Year Compatibilty Report - $21.97

Each chart is prepared and delivered to you via your email address within 24 hours (normally inside the hour). Each order is securely processed by our agent ClickBank,. ClickBank is the name of the vendor that will appear on your credit card statement should you use that method.

An order reference number is also issued at the time of purchase. Should you have any problems , whatsoever, this order number will help in better serving you. Review our life time guarantee.

We're confident that you will find the reports insightful, informative as well as entertaining. AstrologySource.Com has been publishing charts on-line since 1996. Preparation and delivery of your chart is done inside 24 hours, a bit longer on orders placed over the weekend. We have a loyal following, we hope you will consider joining our client list.

For all customer inquires, please send email to Chart Services. If you are an existing client please include your reference order number.

Ordering takes just a few steps:

  1. Select The Report from our menu.
  2. When you click on our "order now" button you will go to our secure transaction site maintained by ClickBank.
  3. There you will be asked to supply payment information. All your date is safely encrypted.
  4. After your payment is processed you will then be brought to a fill-out form where we gather all your birth data.
  5. That's it! Inside a few hours your report will arrive via email. Surface delivery can also be arranged. Retain your order reference number for future reference.







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